Silver Bodybuilding Icon


Do like your bodybuilder icon, show off your hard work. This Classic Pose in the purest silver symbolises this.

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Material: Rhodium plated
Metal: Sterling silver
Chain: Box chain

This SalahK jewelery is the perfect fit for the fitness athlete who wants to carry his dream close to him. The jewelery and the chain in rhodium plated sterling silver, measuring either 50 or 55 cm. To when the dream is to be kept alive.

Practical info about the jewelry:
Our jewelry is made of fine material. Which makes it more exclusive and a bit more elegant then stainless steel. It’s made of rhodium plated sterling silver and 18k gold plated sterling silver. It is a little more sensitive, to much body sweat and skin acid. However, it is different from person to person, how strong a skin acid affects the jewelry. All our jewelry line is 100% lead and nickel free !

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Rhodium plated


Sterling silver


Box chain


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